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Like to share your thoughts?

We are always looking for new and exciting content for our readers.

If you are a blogger that cares about your readers and creates unique content that is relevant to us and our readers, then we want you!

Here are some of our guidelines -

  • The article should be between 500 and 800 words.
  • That you agree that we have the right to edit the post or make any changes accordingly.
  • The blog can only contain three byline links – one to your domain, one to your bio, and one to your Facebook account.
  • Original unpublished work only please (that is, your article cannot have appeared anywhere else in print or online). Once your article is published with us, you agree that you will not publish the article again in the same form elsewhere.
  • Before you submit, do a search on our blog to see if we’ve covered your topic before. We’re always looking for fresh, new takes on the fundamentals! But be sure that your article brings something new to the table.


If your article meets the above guidelines, we still reserve the right to reject it.  If this is so, you are welcome to use your article for any other purpose as you wish.However, we still encourage that you continue to submit other articles for our website.

Please include a short biography that is no longer than two sentences. This should include what you do, your Facebook page and other web address that you want to promote.

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