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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Removalist

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Congratulations, you’re moving!

Whether you’ve just bought your first house or moving out of your one-bedroom studio to a larger apartment, you have two moving choices: do it yourself or hire a professional mover.

Moving is a very stressful and tedious experience if you don’t take precautions, your move to your new abode can quickly turn into a nightmare. So how do you decide between renting a truck for a DIY move and choosing a moving company that you can trust with everything that you own, and still feel safe in your decision?

Thinking that a DIY move is cheaper? Think again!

Save yourself from a trip to the Doctor/Chiropractor


You can carry many of your personal effects and household implements with ease into a truck, however do take note that your mattress may be heavier than you think… and so is your dryer, wardrobe, dresser and a ton lot more. Putting your back and knees at risk can be doubly-hassling, time and money wise. Removalists are trained to lift heavy items, handle lifting equipment and use transporting trolleys.

Boxes aren’t made equal

Did you bashfully ask for 2nd hand-boxes at the supermarket? Or charmed your way to get them? Regular carton boxes come at virtually no-cost but they won’t make your moving experience too pleasant, more-so if you’re planning to use them for storage. These boxes aren’t made for prolonged and heavy stacking, while moving boxes supplied by removalists like MiniMovers are designed to withstand pressure, providing your belongings with extra cushioning.

The best part about buying boxes from MiniMovers is the free oversupply delivery. Boxes and packing materials will be delivered to your doorstep and once you have unloaded all your items from the move, MiniMovers will buy them back. Talk about savings!

Shhh… Renting a Truck has Hidden Charges

Many people rent a truck for a cheaper fixed rate quote, but often find themselves overlooking into details such as gas, toll fees and trolley equipment. Why pay out-of-pocket for these miscellaneous charges when you wanted a fixed price in the first place?

MiniMovers charges an hourly rate based on your pick-up and drop-off point. You will have the benefit of two professional removalists to help you out, an ample sized truck for your needs and no extra fees for trolleys. It’s an all-in-one pricing system with no minimum charge!

If It Fits, It Sits VS. Think Square!


The primary rule of packing safely is to leave no room for movement. Undoubtedly true but that doesn’t mean you can cram everything sloppily as long as no empty spaces are to be found.

Professional removalists are trained to think outside of the box but still think square! Boxes can be easily and quickly stacked inside a truck, unfortunately large, irregular shaped objects aren’t. Removalists are trained and experienced in stacking tiers into moving trucks, not only strategically filling empty spaces but also to cushion the entire load. And when everything is “squared” away, they strap entire tiers in place.

Multiple Trips will Bog you Down

No one knows your home better than yourself, that we could agree with but when it comes to moving, people tend to make inaccurate estimates regarding the truck size needed for the move. Underestimating the volume of your belongings may cause delays and multiple trips while overestimating your load could damage items if improperly packed and positioned inside the truck.  Removal services are adept at making accurate estimates with truck sizes and trips needed when you provide details about your home.

Damaged Property is the Ultimate Fun-Sucker

There’s nothing more disheartening than moving into your new modern kitchen, only to find a huge dent on your fridge. With combined training and experience, professional removalists are knowledgeable on moving large items, without incurring damages.

MiniMovers removalists are twice as much cautious given the company’s written “No Damage Guarantee”. If they damage your property, they will definitely fix it.

Hiring a professional removalist makes everything SIMPLE.

  • You don’t need to do heavy lifting
  • You don’t need to take time-off from work
  • You don’t need to help out if you don’t want to!

But hiring MiniMovers to do the job makes everything even SIMPLER.

– You don’t need to do heavy lifting

– You don’t need to take time-off from work

–  Your property is covered by a “No Damage Guarantee”

– You can help out as much as you want (to save time) or not at all!

– You get boxes delivered to your doorstep, FREE of charge!

– You only pay for what you use!

With moving services from professionals, you can manage the entire process – from the planning, packing and loading to the unloading, unpacking and organising– while they do all the hard work. It may seem to more expensive than a moving truck rental at first, but it may end up being the more economical solution.



So who are Australia’s most trusted removalists?

MiniMovers, a full-service moving company with over 28 years of experience, has proven that when customers help with the move, the cost of professional movers comes out cheaper than a truck hire. Their unique removals system allows customers to control the costs by letting them choose how involved they will be in the process. With each move, you get a spacious truck, two professional removalists, and all the moving equipment needed. On top of this, their excellent moving service includes an award-winning guarantee that states “If we damage it, we WILL fix it!”

Why take the risk with a complicated, wearisome truck hire for your move in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth, when you can painlessly call on a team who can get the job done with ease?

And one last piece of advice: no matter what you decide to do, take a deep breath and remember that moving can be fun and easy.

Visit the MiniMovers website for online booking and inquiries.