family preparing a garage sale before moving home

Want To Earn While Downsizing? Host a Moving Sale!

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family preparing a garage sale before moving home


We would all experience moving house at least once in our lives. It is a natural event that most of us will go through in the process of progression or growing up. There are a lot of tips available online as to how we could make it through the moving day with as little stress as possible. You bet these tips would all suggest that you start making early preparations. That means a moving sale may be in order!

There are a lot of ways to get rid of any items we don’t feel the need to bring anymore, thankfully. You can give them away to your friends, donate them to charity, or host your very own garage sale for extra cash. Basically, the only tough part when it comes to decluttering is when we decide what to bring and what not to bring. More so if you have the tendency of being sentimental.

Hosting a moving sale can be difficult, yes, but pretty much everything is if you don’t know what you’re doing. Following these simple moving sale tips, house moving will become a blessing in disguise instead of a dreaded event that aged you 3 years.


scheduling a date on the calendar


Schedule the Date

  • Pick the date and time for your moving sale. You don’t just rummage through your belongings on the day of the sale and hope you can wing it.
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the ideal days to schedule a moving sale.
  • The first weekend of the month is a good time as well because most people get paid at the beginning of the month.
  • Starting early is also commendable not only because you’ll have larger crowds but also because of the cooler weather.

Gathering the Materials 

  • Make sure to purchase some materials in your local supplies store like pricing stickers, markers, a trashcan or two, and a plastic bag for your customers. By packing purchased items in plastic bags, you would also know if someone is stealing if they are walking away without one.
  • You might also need a wall outlet or an extension cord if you have electric items for sale that would need testing if they are working or not.

Make Sure You Have Clean Merchandise

  • It is important that you have clean items for your moving sale. Make sure the clothes are washed before you have them on display because we won’t want them reeking of body odor that could drive away customers.
  • If you have books and figurines to sell, make sure they’re dusted properly.
  • If there are any holes on the clothes, sew them shut.


organizing clothes for a garage sale

Organize Your Items

  • Sort through your items first before you price.
  • Divide them by category, like clothes, books, kitchen supplies, accessories, kid’s toys, and home goods.
  • People like specifics so be as specific as possible, especially if you have a lot of items to sell. For clothes, categorized them by men’s, women’s and children’s. Plus, customers would be appreciative of the organization.

Set the Price

  • Begin pricing your items individually instead of just pricing them in groups. Later on, customers would get the items all mixed up as well as the prices.
  • Display the prices clearly. Make sure that your handwriting is easy to decipher.
  • Price media icons


  • Place your ad in the local newspaper at least two days before the sale. Make sure that the ad is large enough to be extra noticeable. Include the basic information such as the location, the time, and the items available in the moving sale.
  • Put up signs around your neighborhood especially where there are a lot of people passing by such as outside grocery stores, and community centers.
  • You can also raise awareness for your moving sale through social media like Craigslist, Twitter, and Facebook to attract larger customers.

Arrange and Prepare the Moving Sale

  • Arrange the tables you’ll be needing to display the items. Showcasing them on tables is much preferable than just dumping them in boxes.
  • Use clothes rack to display clothes and dresses for easier browsing.
  • Make the setup in a manner that’s as organized as possible.

Be Ready

  • At least an hour before the moving sale, make sure that signs are all put up. Placing a garage sale in front could attract more crowds.
  • Be certain that you have enough change with you.

Keep Your Customers Happy

  • Play soft music in the background so customers won’t shop in silence. Music would also create nice ambience for your shoppers to enjoy.
  • Consider selling bottled water and sodas as well. This will also increase the possibility of customers lingering around your moving sale because of the available refreshments.
  • If it gets hotter through the day, make sure to set up canopies to provide shade.

Happy moving and good luck to your moving sale! Hosting one might look pretty challenging and it could be, I kid you not. But only if you attempt an ad lib. Fortunately, through careful preparation it could be done, and could be accomplished perfectly you’d be left with wads of cash. And of course, a lighter weight to move for your upcoming house move!