Different Ways You Can Move

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Ready to move to a new home and wondering what your options are in terms of moving services? Read below and see which one is best for your needs.

Hourly rate system

Professional removalists that work with an hourly rate system generally offer great flexibility. An hourly rate system means the more work you do, the less the removalists do and the less it costs you. This is best taken advantage of with smaller items. Removalists do not expect you to take a double door fridge down dogleg stairs; that is what they are professionally trained for. Instead, what is best is for you to take smaller/lighter items to the truck to fill in the ‘gaps’ between the larger furniture. On the day don’t be afraid to ask your removalists what you can do. After all… it’s your money!

cheap moving truck are not always the best quality removalists are the best choiceHourly rate removalists don’t operate the same as a fixed price service; in fact they are very far from it!They don’t use a goods and chattels list (this is explained further on), they are very quick and the cost is controlled by planning and preparation you have done yourself.

Not all hourly rate systems own up or fix their mistakes. It is highly recommended you use a removalist that offers a ‘Written No Damage Guarantee’; this means that if they break, scratch or dent your furniture, they will fix it at no cost to you!


Hire or rent a truck

save money while moving by helping outHiring your own truck to move has its pros and cons. It allows you to move at a leisurely pace, but do you really want to spend fifteen hours or more moving your home?

A hire truck does not come with removalist pads, ties or trolleys to safely move and secure your furniture with. Fuel costs are not included in the truck rental, leaving yet another usually unforseen expense.

The majority of these trucks come with a hydraulic tail lift, which slows down the move dramatically! These lifts are slow to move up and down and can only carry a small amount of items at one time.

Lower back and joint injuries are very common when people move themselves. Professional removalists are specially trained to ensure that these incidents are minimised.

The largest truck that can be hired and driven without a special class licence is a 4.5 tonne truck. A 4.5 tonne truck can fit a furnished one bedroom unit into it. So hiring one of these to move a four bedroom home would take a lot of trips and a very long time.

You’ve just unhooked your television cords and pick it up to move it, suddenly your friend helping you trips on a cord and drops your plasma TV. That one breakage would likely cost more than having a professional removalist move your home for you. Some removalists offer a Written No Damage Guarantee’; this means that if they break scratch or dent your furniture, they will fix it at no cost to you!

Having your friends help out with your move is a great idea! However don’t get angry with them if they slow down or stop altogether, as moving a home is a very physically and mentally strenuous job. Results of a recent study showed that professional removalists do the equivalent of two, eighty minute games of professional football every day on the job!

Fixed Price

always check the paperwork to make sure there are no hidden costs

Fixed price removalists are ideal for interstate removals. For local moves they offer limited flexibility for their customers. Firstly a staff member will come to your home and make an inventory list. This means they look at EXACTLY what is going and measure it in cubic meters/feet. This is a very time consuming process.

When they come to pack your furniture chances are you may not be able to add on anything extra you wish to take. Usually they only allow enough room for what was originally on the list, due to their split-load system.

On top of the fees for the initial visit, goods and channels list and the move itself comes insurance. Many fixed price removalists charge insurance as an EXTRA cost to the customer. This is something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration when making the initial booking.