Unboxed experience on packing boxes

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It’s time to move and from my own experience, it can be hectic and quite tiresome. Every time one has to move, there are the questions of the logistics involved in moving your belongings to your destination. “How will I move my things? Will my fragile collection of china be safe while on transit? How much packaging material is needed to pack everything? Will the packaging material ensure that none of my belonging is damaged in any way?”

moving-is-stressfulThese are just but a few questions I asked myself. I have moved a lot and every time these same issues arose. I could not risk damage to my any of stuff. Each item has some sentimental value to me. Am attached so much to my stuff to let go easily or allow careless handling. I know many share my sentiments. None of us wants ideas of losing our valuables to cross our minds. In my opinion packaging items during moving is crucial and should take precedence above all.

what-to-pack-firstMy experience with moving has taught me a few things. For starters, there are many sources of packaging boxes out there. However the value of packing varies. At the beginning of my experience in moving, I didn’t find the need to buy boxes for packing. The chain of thoughts in my head was directed towards getting packing boxes for free. In any case I found it absurd to buy boxes for packing, whereas I will only use them and discard them off as waste. At the time it was very sensible to just collect boxes from warehouse and super markets. And so I did. I started to collect packing boxes from any free source I could find. I searched and collected packing boxes from supermarkets, from warehouses and from my work place from deliveries. In short, I collected any box that I found in my way. After a long search, and to be honest, a hectic one also, I found the number of boxes I needed.

I was so pleased to have saved my money, instead of buying. However, at the time of moving the boxes didn’t stack up well. They ended up occupying more space in the moving van. I ended up paying up more for the moving vans.

The next time I moved I chose to acquire packing boxes from an online company. The experience changed my mind forever. I kind of got to understand the meaning of ‘cheap is expensive’. Buying packing boxes online was much more effective and more convenient. I loathe going through my earlier experience of collecting boxes. My eye opening experience taught me a few things.


Buying online packing boxes has more benefits rather than just collecting boxes to use for packing during moving. Buying packing boxes gets you custom boxes purposely intended for moving. These boxes are quite different to other kinds of boxes. They are usually sturdy and strong. They are purposely made to handle the moving endeavor. This takes care of the security of your things. You are assured that your things are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

stressful-moveBuying online boxes gives variety. This is specifically important for those items that need the packing box to fit perfectly for their security. Items such as china and glasses need to fit perfectly in the packing boxes to reduce their movement. Buying boxes online ensures that you get the box sizes that you need. Boxes are available from very small to very large boxes. Boxes of intermediate size are also available in varying sizes to ensure you get the exact size that you need.

There is also the benefit of convenience when you shop online. At a click of a button, you get exactly what you want delivered straight to your door step. This is especially so when you procure the boxes from a company that provide free delivery. There are so many such companies. As a customer you are lucky to have a lot of choices. This is especially good for you. You are able to inspect the services of different companies and therefore ensure you get value for money.

Another aspect to make you consider buying online boxes is that they also sell used boxes. These cost considerable lower and are usually of high standards since they are almost new or perfect condition. When shopping online for boxes you can opt for brand new boxes, used ones or a mixture of both new and used ones. The choice is yours to make. Using used boxes helps to reduce the cost of moving.

minimovers-boxesAfter I moved, I found I had a stack of moving boxes that I did not intend to use anytime soon. This is usually the case with most movers. You end up having boxes that you don’t need. This can easily be solved by selling the boxes back to the company that you bought them from. There are companies that have buy-back policies for the boxes they sell. This will recuperate some of the money you spent on buying the boxes.

These are some of the benefits I experienced. Buying moving boxes online may not solve all the problems that come with shifting residence. It however eases the worries associated with moving. Buying moving boxes has become a norm for me each time I move mostly for the benefits that comes with buying them.