Top 10 tips for the best bathroom makeover

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Aquatic-Bathrooms-makeoverThe bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home. It serves as a sanctuary and a space for contemplation. Even if it is the most used space at home, homeowners often neglect the bathroom when it comes to home renovations. For them, a bathroom makeover can cost a small fortune.

However, there are several makeover ideas you can perform to freshen up your bathroom which won’t break the bank. Shift away from traditional designs and go contemporary. Spruce it up and turn it into a space which can address your spiritual and physical needs.

Here are the top 10 tips for the best bathroom makeover:

1. Add a splash of colour to your tired bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. A litre or two of paint can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s makeover. Buy a paint roller, a couple of paintbrushes and a paint tray to help you with this project. Do not forget to use a plastic drop cloths and painter’s tape to protect your bathroom’s floor from paint drippings.

bathroom-renovations-brisbane2. Old-fashion porcelain knobs and brushed aluminium handles are good examples of interesting drawer knobs and cabinet handles. These can help add style to your bathroom without costing a lot. A couple of elegant handles and knobs are also a good idea, if you want to elevate this space’s style.

3. Look for an attractive framed mirror to change your bathroom’s old one. These framed mirrors help add character to your space and blend with the overall style.

4. Replace the towels and floor mats in your bathroom. These can also add some colour to your bathroom as well as make it look new without spending much money.

5. Buy a couple of new accessories such as wicker baskets, wastebaskets and soap dishes. Bright neon-plastic toothbrush holders, wicker towel trays and stainless steel soap dishes can give your bathroom an edgy modern look. It is a good idea to stick to a theme to ensure those items look great in your bathroom.

6. Changing the showerheads and bathroom faucets is another good idea for a bathroom makeover. Armed with the right tools and a set of complete instructions, it is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects you can complete.

7. Other bathroom accessories such as bottled toiletries, scrubbers and fine-smelling soaps can also spruce up your bathroom’s cabinets. Arrange them on the shelves to give it a fresh new look.

8. Taking time to clean every nook and cranny of your bathroom is important. Clean tile grout with a bottle of grout cleaner to remove mould and mildew. An old toothbrush can help clean bathtub jets and around faucets. A well-kept bathroom is the best makeover.

9. Remove old and tattered shower curtains. Replace them with new ones and buy a set of new shower rings. If you have the knack for sewing, you can purchase a few yards of curtain fabric to create a unique shower curtain for your bathroom.

10. If you want to reface your bathroom’s countertops, companies who specialise in bathroom renovations in Brisbane can be of big help. They usually charge only a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a brand new countertop. Refacing a countertop can really change your bathroom’s overall look.

Bathroom makeovers don’t need to be expensive. These above-mentioned tips can make a huge different in your favourite space at home, so why not get started today?