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Tips on How to Move Your Office Successfully

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MiniMovers Removalists moving boxes down a narrow staircase.

Moving house is rather a challenging task for anyone, but planning and implementing the relocation of an entire office becomes even more complicated. However, even with the discrepancy in the number of items and the circumstances that need to be taken into consideration, a successful move – residential or commercial in nature – is always centred on sound planning and preparation.

Getting Started

Large items are not a problem! MiniMovers have Professional pre-packers and un-packers to prepare your office for the move.

Every company has its own set of environments which may require specific strategies and methods for the moving process to be executed smoothly. And due to the variety of equipment and other work-related resources, consultation with your chosen furniture removalists as to what suits the company’s circumstances becomes a necessity.


Scheduling in a site visit is free, and MiniMovers is flexible enough for even the busiest of people.

It is essential for the business to continue its operations as time lost is ultimately income left unearned. For this reason, it is advisable for you to get in touch with the relocation specialists so they can provide a customized moving plan best suited for you and ensure that your business will not be significantly disrupted once the moving process is afoot.

Delegation of Tasks

Unless the size of your business activity or facility management allows you to undertake all the tasks yourself, it is best for you to appoint a couple of people for project supervision during the move. Doing this will allow you to accomplish tasks in a quicker and more orderly manner.

Communication with Relevant Personnel and Entities

Moving is a hassle, this is why coloured dots are very helpful to keep everything in order.

As an employer, it also becomes your responsibility to inform anyone who is involved and might be affected by the move. Landlords, service providers, movers and employees should be notified months in advance to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible and prevent additional expenses from being incurred. Also, this enables the company to maintain its productivity as employees are given the chance to make the necessary adjustments where it is necessary.

Moreover, open communication should be extended to all employees throughout the entire process should there be any queries or concerns, or changes to schedule.

Disposal of Items

There is bound to be items that your company will be better off not taking to the new office. Eliminate as much “junk” as you can by either selling or donating it. It may even provide you with an additional budget or make you eligible for tax deductions. This will significantly reduce your moving expenses by having fewer items to move and a bigger moving budget in hand. Plus, you also help your business create a positive corporate image by doing a good deed.

Get a Moving Service Provider You Can Trust

MiniMovers professional removalists are especially trained to move your furniture safely, and are up to the challenge.

Even with your company’s assets insured, there is no guarantee that your business will not be disrupted. Always check with your insurance company and find out what is covered and the conditions that apply. The possibility of accidents can still occur, and you can end up with damaged or worse, missing items especially when you leave it to the hands of an inexperienced, unreliable furniture removalist. What you may have saved during the move will likely pale in comparison to the amount you lose if business operations are left in disarray. Retaining the relocation services of a professional, trust-worthy furniture removals company ultimately saves you money, and l

essens any stress you may be under.


Large boardroom are not a problem for us, as we ensure everything is labeled, and dismantled to get you running in no time at all.

Moving your business couldn’t be simpler when you move with the experts in office relocations. Find a company which is known to consistently provide high quality furniture removals services. So don’t just look for Removalists in Melbourne or Sydney, but rely on a recognised and trusted relocation specialist that is able to easily move businesses all over Australia.



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