Eltham North - Home under construction

The Finished Dream by Stormy Gleed

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Whether for the first time or the 10th time, moving house is full of stresses, organising and figuring out what to leave and what to keep.


Eltham North - Home under construction
Paula and Ben Tzirkas dream home still under construction.

“Ben and I married in 2004 and moved into our first house in Brunswick from our parents’ houses,” said Paula.
“We had been together for quite a while but we didn’t feel the need to move out sooner.”
The couple had a bed each, nik-naks from their bedrooms and a boat before shopping for furniture.
“We had to buy every piece of furniture ourselves,” said Paula.
“We went to all the different furniture shops … and because it was an apartment we didn’t need a lot.
“We knew that it would be made by a certain time so we had everything ready before we moved.”

Four MiniMovers Removalists standing infront of a Large Truck
Kris Lynch Shannon Murphy Bill Tonisson and Shane Hamilton MiniMovers Removalists


After two years they decided to move to Eltham North in 2006.
That was when they met the team at MiniMovers.
“The guys were friendly and on time,” she said.
“I rang up the company and spoke to the depot guy and the team ended up coming up and doing the move.We were rapt.

Cute little girls standing in front of a large Minimovers Truck.
Ellaria 4 ½ and Samara 3 in front of Large Moving Truck


“They moved us from a 2ndfloor apartment. We have always come from houses with stairs. They had to go down a flight of stairs. And our furniture is heavy.”
Now, after six years in that house, and with the addition of children Samara, 3, and Ellaria, 4 ½, it was time to build a home of their own.
They rented a house in Eltham North for 12 months.


“I never wanted to rent,” said Paula.
“We stayed at home until we paid off properties together when we were married. But for 12 months, until our own house was built, I could deal with that.”


The house that Ben and Paula have been building is also in Eltham North.
“We both love the country but it’s close enough still to be for us but close to everything we need. It’s also a central area to our parents’ places.
“It’s nice having the little town and community. We’re friendly with our neighbours”.
Ben is a building designer and also a registered builder.
“We needed a bigger room for the girls, and Ben needs his own space for work, to be quieter,” said Paula.

TIPS: “The longest process is getting everything packed and moved, then unpacking and moving in. Box it up properly,” says Paula.

Stormy Gleed is a Journalism student at Swinburne University of Technology

Large moving truck loading in Eltham North
MiniMovers truck moving at Eltham North for the quickest loading.


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