Student Checklist for Moving Out

Student Checklist for Moving Out

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There are many reasons why you would get stressed out during a move, but they may get even worse if you’re a student and you need to take care of all small details. There is a lot you need to prepare for, so you will need to make sure you act ahead of time to get it done. Staying prepared and safe will mean you will have a far easier time dealing with the rest of the moving process. The following tips will give you more you can work with as you go forward:

Keeping documents in check

students_moving_outOn the day of your move you will need quite a few of documents from the landlord. They may actually include a number of them that you could easily overlook if you’re not careful. Proof of identity, references, as well as proof of your first month’s rent will be necessary. Make sure you have everything before you move ,m which may need also presenting proof of exempt from council tax as well as going through your inventory to prepare moving from one rental to another.

Keeping track of your items

If you happened to pack your things in a hurry, then chances are you will misplace or even completely forget something if you don’t pay attention. Making sure you have proper organization will mean a lot, so you need to keep your boxes labelled and ready for an inventory list, tracking all you need to deal with.

Overlapping tenancy

You may also need to deal with such an encounter as an issue, since someone else’s tenancy may overlap with yours which means you will need to consider a whole new set of issues. This will easily happen if the property being leased happens to expire at the end of the month, but it doesn’t yet start until your new month has started. You may need to deal with this by spending your time elsewhere during that single night, so consider that and make sure it won’t happen by contacting your future landlord.

Renovation possibilities

students_moving_in_dayThere may be other problems with the home you plan on moving into, as sometimes renovations may be necessary or even small fixes. If you’re not happy with your current accommodations and you can talk about this with your landlord, then you may even have them addressing the issue if it is within the realms of the possible. This is a responsibility of the landlord, so you would do well to communicate with them to ensure you have all of this covered before the big day.

Dealing with the bills

This is something you need to cover before you move in, as the bills will need to be in your name if you want to ensure they will be kept track of when you move forward. It is a simple, yet necessary little detail concerning student moving, ensuring you will have a well-organized approach to your future bills.

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