Moving sitting rooms is a breeze if you call MiniMovers

Space the Final Frontier: Home Decorating for Small Areas

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Surprisingly, small spaces provide the perfect opportunity for you to be fearless in design. In a small space a fusion of color and clusters of style and texture are possible. In your quest to find more space in a small area, your creativity and the clever use of available space will be rewarded. Here are some things to consider when decorating small spaces.

Living rooms are easy to move when you have a removalist.
Wonderful living room setting


First things first, whether you are decorating the entire house or a single room, take a helicopter view and don’t alight on any one piece until you can see how it will work with the rest of the room. One way to access your creativity is to use others’ ideas to stimulate your own. Collect pictures online or from magazines of beautiful rooms that you love. It’s possible to create a small space on virtually any budget. Brainstorm with family and/or friends, but remember, that while everyone has their opinion, you are the final decision maker. Your aim, after all, is to create a living space that you and your family love spending time in.

Moving sitting rooms is a breeze if you call MiniMovers
Cute little sitting room


If you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of possessions, aim for simplicity rather than sparseness. Clustering objects such as an armchair, artwork and reading lamp, creates a restorative corner that begs you to sit and take time out. Add a floral arrangement or greenery and instantly, you’re home! If you have children in a small space then simplicity is more than likely a lost art and you’ll need to find ways to organize the chaos.


Have you ever seen a home catalog with so many ideas, accessories and utensils, plus kids and the dog packed into a small space? Yet somehow, it works. That’s because everything is organised – stacked, racked, grouped and housed – with a place for everything. If order sets your heart to racing, then practical storage solutions are the answer for you.


For some, your lifestyle includes more essentials than would normally fit into your small space, then ‘duality’ is the key. Every component has to have a dual purpose plus lots of hidey holes.

For example:

– walls with shelves or cupboards

– furniture with hidden storage

-funky lamps or light fittings add both light and style

-sofa lounge or tilt-away bed for best day/night use

-mirrored cabinets and wardrobes


Mirrors can serve a myriad of functions in a small area. They enlarge a small space and enhance the effect of natural light and add style when wall mounted or as a splash back. They also have a number of practical uses such as checking your ‘look’ on your way out the door.

Latex Matresses are not a problem with one of MiniMovers professional crews
Wonderful looking bedroom with a balcony


Color and lighting have a major influence on small spaces. ‘See-through’ accessories, glass tables, light colored furniture and fresh, bright colors, and attractive greenery give a feeling of uncluttered ‘clarity’ in small spaces.There’s a lot more to be said about home decorating for small areas but, for now, we’ve filled this small space.

Of course, if you’re planning to move anytime soon then keeping your house simple and in style will certainly help moving out easy. Contact MiniMovers if you need boxes or help moving.

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The Author:

Tracey McLeod is the Chief Executive Officer of Showsell Pty. Ltd. featuring Showhomes – exceptional quality home decorators specializing in homes-for-sale and interior decoration – Brisbane and Gold Coast. Tracey has presented on 4BCs Real Estate Show with Kevin Turner.


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