Signs of Termite damage to your new property

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Moving to your next estate can be an exciting and challenging task. Whatever your reason may be for moving houses, there is no doubt that you would not want your next house to be touched by termites. By ‘touched’ I mean attacked or damaged by subterranean termites. Since the last thing you would want is to be faced with repairing thousands of dollars in termite damage. Termite have already attacked 1 in 5 Australian homes, that means that there is 1 in 5 chance that your next property has already been damaged by termites.

This is why it’s very important that you follow these simple steps before making that big move to your next dream house:

  1. Visit the property at least once and pay close attention to any signs of termite infestations
  2. Ensure that you organise a timber pest inspection and building inspection
  3. Make sure you understand the report very clearly and seek assistance if necessary

We hope you enjoy your move and be sure to know all the facts about your property before you take the plunge and move.

Look for a trusted pest control brisbane to ensure your dream home lasts forever.

To organise your next pre-purchase timber pest insepction call us on 0732551555.

Video Transcript

Welcome to EPM pest control Services. Brisbane’s leading provider of pest and termite management services. We have over 12 years experience in safely eradicating pests from both residential and commercial properties. Our strategic approach to any pest infestation allows us to effectively eradicate as well as prevent any type of pest infestation in a professional and efficient manner.

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