Should you hire a flat pack assembly service assembly or attempt to do it yourself

Should you hire a flat pack assembly service or attempt to do it yourself

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Flat pack furniture is very popular and is a cheap way for many people to able to furnish their homes. The term flat pack refers to the fact that the furniture comes unassembled and packed flat in boxes for easy storage. If you assemble yourself you save money. Popular flat pack items are wardrobes, beds and bookshelves.

A lot of us find flat pack furniture a nightmare even when it comes to building the most simple of flat packed furniture because despite what are supposed to be ‘easy to follow’ instructions they never are! It is a lot cheaper to do it yourself but many people still prefer to pay someone to build it for them who in a sense take the hassle off their hands! Professionals can assemble at your home and offer guarantees that it will be built properly. They also have plenty of experience and have encountered many different sorts of assembly packs.

So how do you go about assembling? Start by carefully unpacking your assembly kit using scissors. You can use the packaging as a floor covering while you assemble items. Take out the instructions and see what parts came with it. Have a good look at instructions, read it thoroughly from start to finish before you pick up any tools.

Spend five or ten minutes checking that everything is there and that nothing is missing. Place all the parts into something so that they don’t get lost!
Make sure you have all the parts although it is not uncommon for parts to vary slightly from those featured in the instructions. As you are putting everything together try to visualise the end product. Use the tools provided, if an Allen key was provided, it was given for a reason!

When assembling make sure you don’t use the wrong screws by mistake, screws sometime appear to be the same but they can vary in length slightly. Battery screwdrivers are great and can speed up assembly but make sure is not set on a high speed as screws can be easily driven through by mistake.

When screws are driven in by hand there is less chance of the screwdriver slipping and damaging the surface. When nailing, ensure they are straight. Only tighten the screws when you know everything is in the right place! It is a good idea to assemble furniture in the room where it will be used, it saves you moving it from one room to another when it is assembled.

Strong glue takes some time to dry, do not use the item for a while once it is completed. Some of the common complaints about building flat pack furniture are that they take much longer than was anticipated to do, the instructions are never that easy to follow and there are often bolts or screws left unused or even missing and after all the hard work the finished product may not open and shut as it should do! Practice does make perfect so never feel defeated!

Furniture varies considerably in quality and ease of assembly. Some instructions are not very easy to follow and if you are struggling, it may be useful if you ask someone else to help you with the instructions.

Remember if you modify an item, such as cutting to make it fit better, you are invalidating the warranty on the product! Deeper scratches and damages caused by you can be covered up using wax cover up sticks – these harden over time covering up the area affected.

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