Reduce what your moving

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Once you have booked your move it is time to get organised. Most customers underestimate the time it takes to prepare before the removalists arrive. The little jobs all add up! Discarding unwanted furniture, connecting the power, gas and phone and probably the biggest job of all — packing the entire contents of your home!

Organisation is important for a successful and cost effective move.

Use the right packing material to move easier

You will need to keep in mind the more organized you are before the truck arrives, the less time your move will take, reducing the overall cost.It is amazing how often mislaid keys, parking restrictions, or even customers not being home on the day can mean your movers are sitting around waiting.

Organizing these simple fundamental tips to ‘HelpYouMove’ will make a huge difference in saving you time and money! We have put these tips and points into an easy to read guide and we recommend that you follow these sections in order as this will give you the best possible help you need to ‘HelpYouMove’!

Reduce what you have to move

moving furniture is easy when you hire the right people

Why pay to move things that you don’t really need and possibly might never use again? Before you move is a fantastic time to reduce the items you have. This can be anything from having a garage sale, or condensing items through to the packing of your boxes. The more you reduce the less time it will take your movers which means you will save more money!

Let’s have a closer look…

Cleanup Time

moving antiques safely is very important

One method of reducing is to clean out and get rid of all your unused unwanted belongings; this is a great time to be ruthless. Do you really need to keep that old furniture gathering dust underneath the house?

Why don’t you consider:


Consolidation is about turning as many items as you can into one. Reducing the number of items you have shortens the amount of trips to the truck which will dramatically reduce the cost of your move!

  • Tying together brooms and mops: Taping them together is a good quick sturdy option
  • Stacking plastic chairs: Watch out for creepy crawlies!
  • Packing into boxes

Note: be careful you don’t make the items that have to be carried too heavy or too awkward as this can do the reverse and slow down the movers on the day.