Rain Rain go away, come again… When I’m done moving!

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dog-in-kiddie-poolWith the Removalists on the way, it seems the clouds are sending every drop of rain they can right on top of your house. What can you do when that Ute you hired seems to be filling up like a kiddie pool?

There is good news! There exists a removalist company that not only has a truck designed to be used in the rain, but can also move at a moment’s notice and are fully prepared to work in the pouring rain whilst still getting the job done in a timely manner.

It’s raining, how can I move?

Moving-while-rainingChances are, you are trying to sell your home and just moved out as per settlement agreement. Your Ute is not going to do the job and you are stuck with a hire truck that has a tailgate lift. If it’s raining hard, you don’t have to postpone and wait to move into your new home. Finding the right removalist makes a big difference as most are not able to setup a move for the same day.

Precautions to keep your furniture dry is important, one of the best things you can do is hire a moving company that uses blankets to keep your items dry, provides a sturdy ramp to quickly move the furniture into the truck, and utilizes a truck that is fully watertight. Furthermore, it is always good to ask to make sure you get a fully enclosed Pantec that is designed to move furniture, as some trucks lack the required tie down points to ensure your furniture stays still.

Safety while moving

Pathways and driveways are often slippery when it is raining hard, so you or the removalists will have to be cautious when carrying heavy furniture. Safety is always important when it comes to moving in the rain, one bad step could result in injury or damage to your items. Ensure that you are wearing fully enclosed shoes with good tread, this can make the difference between whether you are or are not going to get through the day.

My white carpet, what have you done??

Muddy_20footprintsCarpets and other flooring are also important to consider, as the rains could bring the dirt in. This would be extra expensive as you will not only have to clean the carpet, but there is also a possibility that they may need to be replaced. Due to safety regulations, removalists cannot remove their shoes. They can wipe their feet, but placing sheets or runners down is the best way to ensure your floors are protected.

Moving your furniture is the most important aspect of a removalist’s job and as long as it is safe to do so, they will have you moved into your new home just in time for a nice cup of tea.

Have you moved in the rain before? Have any tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, move you next time.

Sean O'HaganSean has been in the removalist industry for many years, and is an expert in moving. He prides himself on helping people move with as little hassle to them. Connect with Sean O’Hagan