blog-photo-packing For Armageddon

Packing for Armageddon

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With even sites like running stories on the impending Apocalypse - we thought we’d take the time to give you a few tips on surviving December 21st. Enjoy!

The dead have risen and the end of days is here.

zombiemover1-240x300The ZOMBIE hordes have taken over the planet and everything you have ever known to be true is gone. So you’re huddled up inside your home, clutching your crowbar and praying that this was all a dream. It’s not a dream.

We both know that the last thing on your mind is to move out and go somewhere else but time has simply run out. If you’re reading this then you have a chance, one chance to save yourself and anyone who is with you right now.

Step #1

Don’t panic. Breathe and think about what resources you have at your disposal. If you’ve got enough food and clean water to last a couple of days then there is no point to leave the comfort your home right now. Barricade your doors and windows with some two by fours and make sure to not make any sudden loud noises. But if you were caught unaware then this would be the perfect time to scavenge this list of everything that you would need to survive the journey ahead.

Zombie survival list:

  • A firearm (Preferably a .22 caliber)
  • Secondary weapon (Blunt or bladed weapon)
  • Ammunition (As much as you can carry)
  • A backpack (Lots of pockets and storage space)
  • A map/compass
  • Battery/Solar powered Radio
  • Wind break/Tent
  • Flint/Lighter
  • Water Purifying tablets/bleach and a Canteen
  • Dehydrated Food/MRE’S
  • Cordage
  • Sturdy Clothing/Hiking boots
  • Lanterns
  • First Aid Kit

The key to a good survival pack is to keep it light and to keep it functional. You’ll be tempted to pack an obscene amount of canned goods and gear but it will only weigh you down. Grams lead to kilograms and kilograms lead to pain when you’re hiking out in the wild, so remember to keep it light.

Step #2

Now that you’ve packed and prepared to “bug-out” then it’s time to choose a vehicle to help you with your move. Your average ute or sedan would not be enough to cross the wasteland safely but if you’re lucky enough to have a large truck that you could outfit/reinforce then that would be good option. A moving truck for example would be large enough to accommodate the food, supplies and provide adequate protection to you and your loved ones. The truck would also have oversupply packs (Sticky tape, Butchers paper, boxes, etc.) that you could use as cordage, bandages or tinder. It’s important to take this time to get as much rest as you can because once you step outside, there is no telling when you’ll be able to sleep soundly again.


Step #3

Now it’s time to move out and brave the new world. You can only prepare for so long before you have to fight to survive. Just remember that your life and everyone with you depends on you getting to a secure location. Drive fast and drive safe. The best survivalist is not the one with the most bullets but the one who has the iron will to live.

Get out alive. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more help but if you can survive one more night then I know that I’ve made a difference. They’re coming. Hopefully I never meet you, but if you do make sure to go for the head… always the head.


Of course, if we all survive December 21st, then keep in mind that MiniMovers is open every day over the holiday period (except Christmas Day). Call us on 1300 366 000 or book online at