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How to Organise your move


double check that you have your keys before moving
Organise keys to both properties: Try to obtain the keys for new address the day before the move, this will save a lot of time on the day.

Keep your keys safe: Make sure you remember where you have put the keys and make sure they are in an accessible place. If the movers can’t get access to the property then they will be waiting around, you will be charged for this time.

Lost or missing keys: As above keep them in a safe place this will save you unnecessary charges.


how to move with access issues
Check that the truck will fit through the gateway: The majority of furniture trucks are of equal width around the 2.5m mark, if you’re unsure about the width of your gate step it out or even grab a tape measure, again if you’re concerned about the truck gaining access ask the moving company when you book.

Automated gates: You may need to inform body corporate to keep gate open if the truck will be parked over the gates sensors, this will ensure the gate will not be damaged in any way.


Check times that the road is in clearway zone: If you live on a busy street or road and there are clearways restrictions make sure you keep this in mind when booking the move and inform the moving company, this will ensure the truck doesn’t have to park a distance away and that you won’t be charged for any unnecessary time.

Access (External) Both Properties

how to unload a truckIs the driveway clear? Clear any hazards: garden hoses, debris, etc. This will ensure the movers get a good head start on the day of your move.

Are the walkways clear? Again clear any hazards: kids, toys, etc. this will give the movers a nice clear route to the entry point.

Will the truck fit in the driveway? Most furniture trucks are of similar dimensions. If you’re worried about the truck accessing your property a good idea is to ask the moving company about truck sizes when you book the move.

Park your cars outside to reserve a place for the truck? This is a great idea if you think the truck may have difficulty accessing your property, when the trucks arrive simply move your cars giving the truck the closest possible access ensuring a shorter walk saving time.

Are neighbours’ cars out of the way? It’s always a good idea to let your neighbours know you’re moving the day before — this will help with minimising the truck being moved in order for vehicles to get out.

moving safely is the most important factor

Check stairways are unobstructed and safe: Stairs are part and parcel of the removal industry, all you need to do is make sure they are safe and clear of hazards, this will not only provide a safe working environment for the movers but will also help quicken the trips to and from the truck!

Ensure pets and children are not in the way of movers pathway: There’s nothing worse than having the family dog chomping away at the movers’ boots while they’re carrying one of your family heirlooms! Dogs are generally best kept tied up in the back yard and cats are best either locked in the bathroom or an emptied room.

Do you live in a high rise or building with lift access? If you do, make sure you give the onsite manager plenty of notice and let them know when you’re moving in or out. They will go through the building moving procedures with you which will help make the move more efficient on the day. Ask the manager to prepare the lift for the movers before they arrive and even better try to obtain a lift key which will enable the lift doors to be locked off, all of these factors will help to dramatically reduce the time of your move!

Access (Internal) Both Properties

how to move a fridge
Are the internal pathways clear? Make sure any clutter is out of the way of doorways, hallways etc. This will give the movers a clear route to anywhere in your home in turn making for a faster load or unload.

Ensure all doorways are accessible: Chock any doorways that have trouble staying open, you might have double doors or a back door that may be best to get particular items out.

Do you have any large or awkward items? Remembering how a large or awkward item got into the residence can be a big help on the day, did it need to be dismantled, go over a fence? Any recollections may help with the time taken to remove these items.


how to prepare an elevator for moving
Organise lift keys: Some building managers have access to keys that lock off lift for your exclusive use; this stops the doors from closing on the movers while they are trying to load and unload the lift enabling a quicker move.

No lift keys available: Organise a helper as a lift attendant on the day.

Organise lift booking time: Some buildings require the lift to be booked for a certain time period; this is generally to keep moving times away from peak lift usage periods – usually between 7am-9am or 4pm-6pm.

Ensure lift is padded if applicable: This is sometimes building policy so check with the on-site manager. The reason for padding is it protects the marking the walls of the lift and it can also add as extra protection for your goods.

Check the size of the lift: Some buildings have specialised goods lifts which are generally larger than your standard lifts, this helps with regard to large awkward items, make sure you consider any large awkward items if there is only a standard lift available, there are cases where some items will not fit in the lift this may mean the stairwells may need to be used if that’s the case it may add to time of move.

Sharing lifts: Sharing a lift will extend the amount of time your move will take, once again try to organise a lift primarily for your use.


moving house

  • Inform your neighbours your moving date and time.
  • Ask neighbours if they can move their cars to allow space for a truck on the day.
  • Ask neighbours if they would like any unwanted furniture.


get a free moving quote online
Now this is where the fun begins!

First off, get a moving house checklist to get the ball rolling.

Utility Connections & Mail Reconnections

Make sure the power is connected at your new place. If there is no lighting the movers will not be able to complete your move.

Make sure the gas is connected: There’s nothing worse than having a cold shower!

It is easier to redirect your mail rather than contacting everyone. That can be done later; check out

Organise your phone and internet transfer:

Or why not get Direct Connect to do it all for FREE!:

Organise Furniture and Items for Move Day

how to pack chairs for a move

  • You can move smaller furniture and non essential items to the garage so it’s easier for the movers to load up on the day; this can be done days before you move saving you time!
  • You can put all packed boxes into the garage but try not to pack them to high, also try to stack like sized boxes together this makes it easier for the movers.
  • Another good idea is to dismantle any non essential furniture; again this will save the movers time on the day.

Note: Ensure you do not block the walkway for the movers. Have a clear and clutter-free path for the movers to move items through to the truck.

Before The Move

You need to get everything as ready as you possibly can before the truck arrives. You need to have everything packed and have your larger items ready to go. Preparing before the move is the biggest part of ‘HelpingYouMove’ quicker, easier and it is a lot less stressful if you follow these easy to read instructions!

how to get ready to move

Click below to get your free moving house checklist

Moving house checklist