Office relocation tips for a first-timer

Office relocation tips for a first-timer

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MiniMovers moves commercial offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and PerthAre you relocating offices for the first time and find the prospect a little more than daunting? Well you’re not alone. Most business owners find themselves at a bit of a loss when relocating to new premises and have no idea where to begin! Whether your business is expanding and you need more space or whether you’re downsizing these tips will surely help you with the process and give you some sound advice surrounding office removals!

The main difference between moving house and relocating your office, is that businesses need to ensure the minimum amount of disruption to their operations and employees. Without the proper planning in place for office relocation, revenues could be lost, as could your business reputation. So first-rate-preparation is vital to maintaining your business performance quality!

MiniMovers-Office-removalists-5You’ll want to begin by hiring the right office removals company. Remember you will have a preferred moving date in mind, so make sure the movers can accommodate your needs. It’s probably best to take care of office furniture removals over a weekend, as this will mean less interruption to your working week! Make sure your removal service is experienced with moving office furniture and electronic equipment, as you don’t want to incur the cost or stress of damaged items. Measure the space in your new office to ensure equipment will fit through entrances. It might also be a good idea to draw up a floor plan and decide before the movers come in what needs to go where. No business can operate today without Internet so before your move in date, make sure you’re connected to the World Wide Web to avoid any unnecessary interruption to business operations.

colourful-identification-dotsNow once that’s been completed, hand over copies of your floor plan to the moving company so they know where everything needs to be placed and won’t waste time having to move furniture around at the last minute. It’s a good idea to label each item of furniture with coloured stickers, for example yellow for one floor or department, blue for another) to help the removal company when placing items in your new premises. Now if there is any furniture or equipment you don’t want taking up space in your new office, be sure to label these clearly as well. Assign each member of staff the responsibility of packing their own files and workstations and clearly labelling their boxes. If you have in-house IT staff make sure they are at hand to reconnect all your computers to the server as soon as the office relocation is complete.

MiniMovers-Office-removalists-7Keeping your staff and employees happy during a move is another key factor to ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Make sure they are not stressed about the move and instruct them on where they should be on what day… the new or old premises. If the removal firm carries out the relocation over the weekend, how about asking employees to come in earlier on the Monday morning to set up their workstations. Health and safety regulations must be adhered to at all times, so don’t ask your employees to lift heavy items. Leave that up to the moving professionals! All offices have confidential documents, which you’ll want to pack and seal before the move or have properly shredded if they are no longer needed. On the day of the move make sure your employees have a no-blocked access to the kitchen, toilets and stairwells. Once the office relocation is complete don’t forget to inform clients of your new address!

Heather Roberts writes on behalf of: Heather is a freelance writer from United Kingdom. She has guest published articles on many subjects. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places.