Thinking of an Office Relocation? Look at Your Office in a Whole New Light

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If you have decided that office relocation is the best business move for your current situation, you want to make optimum use of your new office space. Therefore, you also want to make it your goal to contact a well-recognized space planning and design firm before you make a move.

According to research, a well-designed office space can increase work efficiency by as much as 50%. Therefore, the colors you use, the spatial area that is utilized, and any refurbishments can indirectly increase a company’s bottom line.

Consulting With a Designer

If you want to relocate and increase productivity too, you need to secure the services of an interior design firm that is well-recognized and known for its innovative work in the field. Such a company can assess your office area and see how it can be better utilized. It can also direct you to choose the right lights.

See Your Office in a Whole New Life

design-office-relocationLighting can indeed affect productivity, as the right type of lighting will keep your staff both focused and inspired. Bad office lighting can result in tiredness, headaches, or eyestrain. If you are going to make a move then, you want it to be positive. Therefore, you will want to see your new surroundings in a whole new light.

Stay away from creating spaces that lack light or produce shadows as they can actually lead to depression.

Not only do you want ergonomically comfortable chairs, you want any planned space to include work-friendly illumination. The lighting in an office should be positioned and planned to account for glare and to light the office space using aesthetic and staff-productive lighting.

Lighting that Mimics Daylight

Most office spaces depend on the lighting from bulbs that are listed in the range of 6500K to a level of light that is the same as daylight. Daylight lighting keeps depression from surfacing and, just like summer light, energizes office workers.

Recommended Lighting

office-relocationLighting designers and space planners, such as Saracen Interiors, usually recommend that office workers utilize two types of light sources in their office. An indirect lighting source is suggested to brighten up a space, while task lighting is recommended for reading or general office tasks. In offices, fluorescent lights are frequently used for general illumination and halogen bulbs are often recommended for detail work. Halogen bulbs define or intensify colors better than other lighting sources.

Once you consult with a space planner, you can find the best way to use light in your new office location. You will also want to make sure that you and your office staff are outfitted with ergonomically designed chairs that allow for comfort as well as productivity. Follow the measures below to ensure you purchase the right furnishings.

One Final Note – Requirements for Furnishings

Your eyes should be two feet to three feet from the screen of your computer and the monitor placed at eye-level. Both feet should comfortably rest on the floor. Sitting in a slightly reclined chair helps to lessen pressure on the spine and reduce pain in the lower back. Risers for computers enable workers to adjust the height of the computer screen as well.

Bio: Chris Farley is an office design expert and is currently working for Saracen Interiors. He also enjoys all types of interior design and attends design events and shows when he can to try and gain new ideas and keep up with current trends.