Moving day meals – Moving day Pasta

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Sundried+Tomato+Pasta+SaladYou just spent the day moving, everything is still packed in boxes, and your refrigerator is still unplugged. Feeling hot and sweaty, all you want to do is take a shower and hit the sack, so going out for dinner is not an option. Is there something you could do to solve this? Is there something you could do to divert the pending disaster that is HUNGRY KIDS?

Something I have learnt from the many times that I have moved is to prepare the food for the next day before doing the final move. Being the bachelor that I was, I ended up with some very strange looking and tasting food cooked the night before the move. (Mainly old takeout mixed and heated up) This would not be an option for the parents of the year, like you are. So, my solution, Moving Day Meals.

There are a few different meals that most people actually like which are really easy to do. The good news is that you can use up all that extra food you have in your refrigerator. One of the easiest meals to make, and uses almost everything, is Pasta. So we will call this Moving Day Pasta.

How do I make Moving Day Pasta?

Clean-Your-Refrigerator-FastSimple, the goal is to use up as much food that you have in the cupboards and fridge.

You more than likely have four different pastas in your cupboard. Different sizes and shapes are fine – mix them together and the kids will love it!

Any meat from your fridge would do, too. Don’t forget to grab the cheese and vegetables as well. Chop it up and add it to the mix.

All you need to do is find something to flavour it all, a type of sauce or dressing. A little oil and vinegar is a good start. If you have any spaghetti sauce or ketchup, it will also do. Have fun and try the mix, you may be surprised to find you have found something healthy that your kids will love.

Moving Day

Pasta-saladSo you have a big batch of Moving Day Pasta, how do you store it? Using an esky with some ice would be a great idea. Not only will you get hot on moving day but you will get thirsty as well. So remember, keep lots of water on hand for you and your kids. Keep yourselves hydrated.

Ensure that your microwave is somewhere you can get to easily when you get to your new place. Don’t forget the paper plates and plastic spoons! With the Moving Day Pasta, you can sit down and enjoy your family meal in your new home.

So what do you think? How did your Moving Day Pasta turn out? Let me know in the comments below or leave a message on Facebook.

Thank you for reading.

Sean has been in the removalist industry for many years, and is an expert in moving. He prides himself on helping people move with as little hassle to them. Connect with Sean O’Hagan