Moves homes but without the pests.

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Are you moving from one humble abode to another? Moving homes can both be an exciting and challenging experience for home owners.

We all want to go through a smooth transition from start to finish. This is why you will require an adequate pest control inspection and treatment of your home before you move out.

This allows you to keep harmful pests that can have a negative impact on your general well-being at bay. Many homeowners are just unaware of the risks of spreading pests from one property to another.

One of the major pests that can cause major headaches for homeowners is bed bugs.  They are very good at hitchhiking, basically very common pests in homes and hotel and are generally spread by moving furniture and human goods.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you spare yourself from dealing with bedbugs in your next home:

  1. Be careful with what you are moving, specially with old furniture, because they may be harbouring pests like fleas and bedbugs
  2. Clean the premises very well before seeking a removalist to move your goods
  3. Do a bit of research and get in contact with a local pest management expert
  4. Request a professional pest inspection and treatment of your current or future home

How do I choose a good pest control company?

Check Points:

  • Make sure they are experienced
  • Make sure they are fully insured and licensed
  • Make certain they have a good reputation
  • And of course, make sure they are professional and friendly


EPM Pest Control Services is an established pest management company that specialises in general pest management for both commercial and residential clients.

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