Just want to get out of the Rental Rut!

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Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘How do I get out of the Renal Rut?’ Maybe you don’t have enough deposit, you’re self employed, a new migrant, or have no savings history; whatever – you just can’t satisfy the bank.

There is help to be found without a bank, if you have a few dollars to put towards your future – and not the logo10 or 20% the banks ask for either!

Groups such as have become a popular alternative to jumping through hoops for banks.

If you haven’t yet considered buying your own home, consider the benefits of owning over renting:

An Investment in Your Own Future –

One thing that is certain – rent prices are rising and home prices are due to rise in the future. When you own your home you won’t be at the mercy of rising rent costs, and your future will be secured with the equity in your property.

No Landlord to Answer To –

One reason many people opt to own their own home instead of renting is simply to rid them of the control that a landlord has. Want a new puppy for your daughter? When you own and move in to your home you won’t need to ask the landlord first.

banner-lisaYou Won’t Be Throwing Your Money Away –

When you spend your money on rent, you get nothing in return. Home ownership provides you with a way to get something back for the money you spend on a place to live.

Possibilities –

The biggest reason to own your home is simply the possibilities it allows you. Money you put into the home increases its value and you’re free to decorate, renovate, and change whatever you want!

And when you are ready to make the big move – remember to give MiniMovers a call to find out how we can make your move easy!

Lisa Johnston helps people buy a home or investment property without a bank.

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