How to Host a Successful Summer Garage Sale

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Hosting a garage sale entails so much more than setting up your unwanted items in the yard or the driveway. Whether it’s time to clean out your clutter, you want to downsize, or you are getting ready to relocate, a successful garage sale can help you reach your goals and earn a little extra income in the process.

Get Organised

If you want to host a successful garage sale, you need to go through your belongings and pull out things that you no longer use or wear. The best way to do this is to get started as soon as possible, so that when you find something that is no longer of use, you can put it in the garage sale pile.

However, the Australian summer is already in full swing and if your moving date or time for a garage sale is approaching, try going through your things briefly multiple times, or go through your home in sections. By going through your things multiple times, you are more likely to find new items each time.

Make a Garage Sale Plan

The planning stage is one of the most important in determining whether your garage sale will be a success. You’ll need to choose a date, decide whether you intend to have a single garage sale or if you want to team up with friends or neighbours, choose an advertising strategy, and make sure that you have a way to display your items.

Saturdays tend to be the best day of the week to host a garage sale, but if you have the time, an entire weekend will give more potential customers the opportunity to stop by. Just make sure that you don’t host a garage sale over a holiday, like Australia Day, because many of your local friends and neighbours could be out of town.

If you can team up with some of your neighbours, or if you have friends who want to donate to your garage sale, you could be more successful than a one home garage sale. You can also team up on advertising, and set up a place for the kids to sell lemonade or baked goods!
Make sure you have tables and clothing racks to display your items, and maybe plan ahead for a sale on the final day.

Get the Word Out About Your Garage Sale

The more people know about your garage sale in advance, the more customers are likely to show up on the day of the sale. You might consider putting an advertisement in a local newspaper or on a community board, or, if you are working with your neighbours on a joint garage sale, have everybody post a flier in a public place.

You can also find garage sale printable sign packs packs online that can make your garage sale look more professional! It comes with a checklist to help you get organised, advertise, and prepare for your summer garage sale.


Get Creative!

The most successful garage sales are the ones that are a little creative! If you look like you are having fun with it, customers will be drawn to your garage sale. Like with most DIY and at home projects, Pinterest is one of the best places to get inspired.

The way that you set up your sale can have an effect on how many people stop by, and how many people buy, just like the way a store is set up has an effect on the potential customers. If you have kids, they can be a part of your garage sale too! They might be some of the best tools in drawing in customers, whether they hold up balloons, create their own garage sale signs, or they are hosting their own mini sale of toys or lemonade.

Author Bio: This article is written by Clive Smith, the Interstate Removals General Manager of Budget Self Pack Containers, Australia’s expert interstate house removalists. Budget Self Pack Containers can help you move almost anywhere in Australia.