Ready to Downsize: Where do I start?

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At some point everyone reaches a time where domestic clutter takes over their lives and a large house just becomes too much to handle. Over the recent years, minimalism has become a growing lifestyle trend. With less things to store, people have also started the revolution of downsizing homes to improve quality of life.



What are the benefits of downsizing?

Whether the motivation to sell your home and move into a smaller place comes from the desire to travel in retirement, maintain an easy-to-care for home or disposing old furniture, downsizing offers many long-term benefits in many aspects of your life.

Downsizing can dramatically reduce mortgage expenses as smaller homes cost less to run. You can expect lower electricity, gas, heating and cooling expenditures, including lower maintenance costs. By eliminating clutter and daily stressors, you can create a tidy, cozy environment attuned to your current lifestyle.

So is downsizing worth it? You be the judge.


Is downsizing for me?

Though it is highly recommended, downsizing may not suit everyone. A young family looking to add more children into the household might still benefit from the abundance of space. So before you dive head-on and decide to downsize, it’s critical to assess your needs. Take a careful look into your home and belongings. Evaluate if you have more space in your home than you need, or more things hidden in your storage room than you actually use.

If your lifestyle could handle a few minor tweaks for more financial perks, then you should downsize now!


I’m down to downsize! How do I start downsizing?

The future may look bright, but the “now” is a chore! Follow these steps and you’ll find the move is seamless:

  • Know you are making the right choice. One of the first steps toward a fresh start is to acknowledge that you are making a positive, necessary decision. Take the time to discuss a big decision with family and friends and then set your mind to it. Knowing it’s the right thing will help you get through packing up and moving day.
  • Assess the size of your new home. This will help you appropriate locations for the large furniture in your home and will set the limit of items you may bring with you.
  • Identify everything you are not taking with you. Visit each room and make a list of items you don’t use, have room for, or want anymore. Friends and family can be invited to help with items in storage. What you absolutely love, can’t live without, really need, or use all the time can stay. The rest can go.



Toss or Keep?

Sentimental Knick-Knacks – You can’t disregard the power of nostalgia when going through your memorabilia, however you can’t let this overpower you. Designate a single box for symbolic trinkets to store then throw out the rest.

Clothes – Does it fit? No? Then toss it. Have you worn it in the past year? No? Then toss it. This system couldn’t be any simpler. Fight the urge to hold on to favorite clothes that you don’t wear anymore for any reason. Donate your clothes to charity and give your closet a breather.

Workout Equipment / Sporting Equipment – In the event you find yourself saying “Oh! I forgot we had this!” that’s your cue to leave it behind. People often find renewed interest upon discovery only to stash it away again after the move. Save yourself the trouble and organize a garage sale to sell your old workout and sports equipment.

Kitchenware – Since common kitchen implements are constantly used, the need to keep spare items at bay is a logical but who needs 8 frying pans, 14 ladles and 4 kettles? Kitchenware can easily pile up since storage space for these items are readily available. Give away your excess kitchenware to friends and neighbors. Complex appliances that take time and a lot of effort to operate like your old-school juice processor or turbo broiler should be shown the door.


Downsizing frees you up financially, physically and emotionally. Whether you are a young couple, retired partners or a quaint family, the new free ‘space’ will give you peace of mind and empower you to maintain this new orderly lifestyle. Enjoy an even more chaos-free moving experience by hiring professional removalists.