How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes

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When you have decided to plan on moving your home, you should consider that a lot of preparations need to be made. A lot of people prefer to pack things in their older boxes at home, however you still have the risk of damaging your belongings looming over the horizon. It would be a much better idea to buy some packing boxes and materials so you can be more efficient.

The moving boxes you choose should be strong enough to handle all items without problem. The boxes specifically designed for moving are excellent for packing your belongings. You can find a great number of boxes made for specific purposes, such as mirrors, books, wardrobe boxes for clothes, kitchen boxes and more:

  • Wardrobe Boxes are specifically made for clothes as a stronger box which allows them to be safe from outside damage. They are generally made in the size of 24x24x40 for a better and stronger alternative to anything else you can find, keeping them untouched and safe from wrinkles.
  • Kitchen boxes are meant for all your supplies there. If you decide to hire a moving company, you will have much better access to the right boxes and care for all your kitchen belongings. You can also purchase those from pretty much any moving or storage company. They also come in different sizes, but most often in 18x18x22 as a standard size.
  • Picture boxes are made specifically for paintings and pictures, as they are a lot more sensitive to damage than others. You may want to make sure they are much better covered than other items. You should make sure you fill the boxes with bubble wrap for a more efficient packing. They should be in at least a size of 41x6x26 or more, depending on what you have to work with.
  • File boxes are also another important part of your move, especially if you have to move without a proper file cabinet. A lot of people tend to let go of their file cabinet, but any documentation would take a whole lot more boxes than it would if it was inside the cabinet itself.
  • If you need to pack a whole lot of your belongings like blankets and towels, then you can use them to wrap some items or furniture as a double protection. This will give them a place and you can always wash them later when you’re done.
  • Chairs and tables usually take up a lot of space. You should carefully consider how you can pack them efficiently so you can arrange other items around or under them. A necessary step to a complete packing experience, so you should try to get around it.
  • Make sure you label each of your boxes with your name, room of origin in your home the contents within more or less. This will make unpacking a whole lot easier since you won’t have to guess what’s inside.
  • Heavy objects should be disassembled before packing so you can save up space if you can. Use special boxes for your books and fragile items if you can, as this will make the job of moving much easier. You would be wise to use smaller boxes for heavier items, as they will be easier to handle and safer that way. Keep heavy items on the bottom of the boxes as well, so they won’t crush the lighter objects inside.

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