Getting Motivated to Declutter Your Life!

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 The Decluttering Experience ~ by Tracey McLeod from Show Homes.


Whether you are moving or not – decluttering is always a great idea! Removing excess junk from your home means there is less to move, which saves time and money. If you are staying put – then a good clean out has numerous emotional and physical benefits too

So, you get motivated – you are ready to clean up. And then you turn… As you do, your heart sinks. Your eye sweeps around the cluttered room. This isn’t the first time you’ve felt the emotional heaviness of your cluttered life.

The thought of decluttering your home or office can be overwhelming, but it’s a liberating experience if well-planned and executed. You will free up space and create warmth and beauty.

Ready to start? Just remember that you are embarking on an emotional journey. Here are a few tips to get you started in a healthy and positive way:

1. If practical to do so, start with one room at a time.

2. Create your new vision for the room in your mind’s eye.timthumb-300x199

3. Find pictures of the ideal furniture, furnishings, colours, wallpaper, etc.

4. Buy some cardboard and art supplies to paste your pictures onto.

5. Start to ‘furnish’ your ideal room using your pictures.

6. Put your ‘vision room’ on the wall or on the door of the existing room.

7. Believe it will happen…

By starting the process in this way, you will move more easily toward creating beauty and out of decluttering darkness.




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Tracey McLeod is the Director of Showhomes – the property stylists for homes for sale 

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