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Operation: Fridge Cleaning – How to Prepare your Fridge for a Move

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Moving bothers me as much as the next person but as a serial apartment-hopper, I’ve managed to follow a system that makes it easier for me… but something always rattles me at the last minute – preparing the fridge. Sadly, the kitchen which is the most tedious place to organize is also the last room in the house to get packed.

Whether you have an average sized fridge of a struggling yuppie or a large unit that can hold enough food a football team, it is important to know the correct way of preparing your fridge for a move. Now, don’t lose the chill, here’s my fridge prep technique that will help you out:

Unplug it.

Turn the fridge off at least 2-3 before the move. I stocked up on food that don’t require refrigeration and called the pizza delivery guy when the situation called for it.

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to unplugging and turning the equipment off. Be cautious if there’s an ice or water dispenser connected to it. Make sure the line has been disconnected first.

Empty it.

Remove the contents of the fridge so nothing will rattle around during the move.  Take out the food, bottles of condiments and ice cube trays.

Those little magnets you collected during your trips abroad should be removed too.

Consume all perishable items (why not cook for a send-off party?) or give them away. If it’s a last minute move it plausibly easier to let go of the things you can’t eat up right away.

Pull out shelves

Pull out every removable component within the fridge. These include shelves, dividers, trays or any other loose object. Wipe them clean and for protection wrap them with dry towels. Don’t forget to label these inner components and store them properly. The removable components of our fridge are adequately secure so I decided to just tape them to the place where they already attached- and it was less mess for me.

Clean it up.

Now that your fridge has been defrosting and has been emptied you have the opportunity to clean it thoroughly. Use a clean towel or brush when removing stains and residues. A mild detergent soap or baking soda is effective in getting rid of musty odors.

Secure the Doors

Close and secure the doors. Fasten the refrigerator and freezer doors snugly shut using strong rope or bungee cord. If your refrigerator has a double-door, tie the door handles together as well. Be careful not to tie the refrigerator too tightly, or the doors may be pulled out of alignment. It is not recommended to use tape for securing the door, since it may either damage the finish of the refrigerator, or leave a residue.

With a bungee cord or sturdy rope, fasten the doors of the fridge very well. If it is double-dour unit you should bind the door handles too. Be mindful not to fasten the fridge too hard to avoid the doors from being pulled out from their attachments. Tapes are not recommended for securing doors of freezers and refrigerators because they can mess up the finish or leave unsightly residues.

If the move is not due until tomorrow, it is advised to leave the doors partly open for ventilation and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Get help.

With a refrigerator dolly you might be tempted to move the equipment alone. Not that I doubt your strength and the strength of the dolly but it’s always safer to move heavy objects with the help of other people. If don’t have muscular friends around, calling a professional moving company is the best option you got.

But let’s assume you’re moving in 2 days and just 10 minutes down the road – AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO DO ALL OF THAT!


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Phone a Professional Removalist.

If you’re moving a few blocks away, surely doing everything I’ve done seems a bit overkill but many removalists require fridges to be fully cleaned and prepped before they dolly it into the truck. Luckily, some local removalists will be able to do the job without needing to defrost your fridge.

Just empty your fridge, place frozen goods inside an esky and the movers will be able to bring your fridge into the truck. It’ll be the last item to board the truck and the first thing to be brought inside and immediately plugged into a socket. It’s just too easy!  No more surviving on microwavable meals and pizza before a move- well not unless I move interstate.