Easy Downsizing – Preparing for the move.

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Has the time arrived for the big “D?” Downsize? At some point everyone reaches a time where the kids have flown the nest and the large house and garden are just becoming too much to handle. Perhaps a quiet slow meal a la sunset will soon replace a rush-rush dinner? If you find yourself in this position, read on for some helpful tips that can turn a frenetic, emotional time into a manageable, even peaceful transition.


Whether the motivation to sell the family home and move into a smaller place comes from the desire to travel in retirement or provide a smaller, easy-to-care-for home, making the move is never easy. Our homes carry a lifetime of memories. Yes, we can always bring memories with us, but try using that excuse with a Mum when it’s time to pack up the home she first brought her children into 30 years before! In addition to memories, there are often masses of unnecessary household furniture and accumulated, unused junk that needs to be sorted through and dealt with.


The future may look bright, but the “now” is a chore! Follow these steps and you’ll find the move is seamless:

Know you are making the right choice. One of the first steps toward a fresh start is to acknowledge that you are making a positive, necessary decision. Take the time to discuss a big decision with family and friends and then set your mind to it. Knowing it’s the right thing will help you get through packing up and moving day.


Let your imagination run wild. Envisioning something you want, or a place you would like to be, is a proven step toward success in having that vision. Just imagine how lighter your step will be when there aren’t so many of them to take in your new place!!


Preserving memories will help. While you are still in your house, take the time to put together a scrapbook, photo album, or even a shoebox of memories over the years. These should be dedicated to the family home or whatever was special about the large home you are leaving. Alternatively, you could preserve a shelf in a room in your new place that proudly displays a photo of the former house or mementoes to remind you of times gone by.


Identify everything you are not taking with you. Visit each room and make a list of items you don’t use, have room for, or want anymore. Friends and family can be invited to help with items in storage. What you absolutely love, can’t live without, really need, or use all the time can stay. The rest can go.








Consider how you will dispose of these items before moving day. Examples include: garage sale, scheduled charity pick-up, donate to charity or consignment store, give away to family and friends, take to recyclers, take to dump, or call a professional junk removal company that can assist with all of these in one go.


Plan ahead with your new home in mind. During the packing process consider where in the new place your items will be put. This way you can label boxes and place items within them so that unpacking will be a breeze.


Happy Moving from your friends at 1800-GOT-JUNK?!