Choosing a Removalist in Perth

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While handling the move all by yourself can be more economical hiring professional removalist has perks that can’t be denied. Yes, you’ll be able to save some good dollars but don’t you have better things to do than lift boxes? Don’t you have a project to complete before leaving? Aren’t you going to attend a friend’s wedding? It is more important that your son’s last football game at the local club? There’s no need to scratch your need if you are swamped on the day of the move because there are removalists who are willing to do all the packing and moving for you. Finding a removalist is easy-peasy; the challenge is on finding the RIGHT removalist. Here’s a guide on how to choose a removalist in Perth:

1.Get local.

The internet offers an overwhelming number of choices to the point that you can’t choose anymore. Get the yellow pages and contact at least 3 removalists within your city. The advantage of getting local is that it is easier to review the track record of the company as there might be people living within 10 kilometer radius who had used their services before.
I have heard stories about companies faking positive reviews to entice clients. Hence, don’t get carried away by those 5 little shiny stars on those hazy sites. Ask friends and relatives if they can suggest a reliable removalist.

2.Big or Small?

Perhaps the biggest plus side of hiring big removalists is that you are certain of its reputation. They have the equipment, and it isn’t their habit to surprise clients with additional charges. However, they often cost higher compared to smaller removalists.
Unless you are moving lots of things the big removalists will put them in their trailers together with the stuff other people to fill up the space. Sharing isn’t the problem, of course. The setback is the lengthy wait for the delivery which could reach up to 2 weeks because they have to unload the stuff of other clients too. It happened to us during our last move; we had to stay at a small hotel for a week and had to deal with the whining of the kids because they can’t find their toys.

3.Don’t get tempted with something cheap.

Most often, cheap services cost you more in the long run. So, when choosing a removalist in Perth doesn’t rush into a decision that is based solely on the price. Sketchy removalists will give you an alluringly low price and then shock you with additional charges after they have loaded your things. In this situation just can’t put up a real good fight because they might not deliver or just sell your stuff to cover their losses.

4.Don’t ask for an estimate but an upfront, all-inclusive price

Two things that I detest when it comes to hiring removalists are last-minute fees and hidden charges. These two surprised me when I moved out of my apartment after college, and gave me 2 weeks of skimping because my budget was blown out. When choosing a removalist in a big city like Perth you should ask for an upfront, all-inclusive price and not just an estimate. Show everything that must be packed and moved so they can make an accurate calculation. And then sign a paper that states the guaranteed price of the entire transaction.

5.Don’t tell them your budget.

Take heed of removalists who ask how much you are willing to pay for the entire packing and moving. This is just isn’t very professional. They might tailor their fees to fit your budget. Reliable removalists have a uniform pricing that corresponds to the quality of their services.

6. Look for insurance.

Even the most experienced removalist experience glitches along the road. Don’t take chances when moving your stuff. Make sure that the charges of the removalist already include insurance. If you are moving valuable items like antiques and jewelry, get an additional coverage that is equal to the replacement value of your items.