Caring For Your Plants When Moving House…

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There are so many things to consider when your are moving house. The aim of this blog and MiniMovers is to help make the whole process easier. After 26 years of helping people to move locally – we’ve learnt a thing or two!


pot-plantsMost likely you will have some of your favourite indoor / outdoor plants to move – maybe even some of your favourite garden specimens you wish to transplant.



Here are some basic tips for moving plants :-

  • Keeping plants from shock:  It’s especially important to ensure that plants will be protected from extreme temperatures during your move.  (Don’t put them in the boot of your car unless you’re moving them immediately and only short distance).  Some house plants are susceptible to shock just from prolonged vibration, extremes of temperature, and not enough water.  It would be a good idea to give plants a drink a day or two before the move (to stop leaking water in your car or the furniture truck) and then again as soon after you arrive at your new home.
  • Water needs:  Though most house plants can survive for a week to ten days without water, it’s not a good idea to trust that they’ll stay healthy for that long a period when being otherwise stressed.  But you shouldn’t overwater them, either – so be sure to keep them on your list of things to look after as soon as you get to your new destination.  Plants should be moist, but not soggy, when being moved.
  • Darkness/light:  It’s often said that indoor / house plants can tolerate darkness for up to a week, if other conditions are favourable – but let’s assume that other conditions are not favourable during a move.  You may have to store them under someone’s verandah or house until your home is ready to move into.  If plants have been in the dark for several days, expose them again to the light gradually, or they may be susceptible to wilting and sun scald.
  • plant-cuttingsCuttings:  If possible, you might decide to take some cuttings of your favourite plants to the home you are moving to.  Most cuttings can survive for several days in a plastic bag containing damp mulch or peat moss – if they aren’t subjected to too high or low temperatures (or squashing!).
  • Fire Ants – Qld Only: There is a very real risk of fire ants being transported when relocating even within the same suburb – anything with dirt must be cleared by the DPI (Department of Primary Industries) before being moved.
  • Legalities State Borders:  If you’re moving between states, check federal and state regulations for quarantines or other restrictions, some states require inspections to ensure that plants are pest-free.  Better look into this well before your move, in case you need to arrange for inspection of your plants in advance (though in most cases, they’ll be inspected at the border).


If you have any tips to share – please leave a comment below. We are always keen to hear from our readers! Thanks to Peggy Tomkins for supplying this article.


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