6 Reasons Your Last Minute Removalist

6 Reasons why Your Last Minute Removalist will be a Disaster

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Getting caught off guard with the sudden completion sale of your house or a new job assignment can force you to clear the space in a short span of time. When you’re faced with this kind of situation the last thing you need to do is panic and cram things in boxes. If you don’t have brawny friends that can be lured with beer and pizza, the best option left is to call a last minute removalist.

Now, there are a lot of last minute movers out there but not all of them are capable of pulling it off. Here are six reasons why you will fail to find a dependable removalist at the last minute.

 6. You did not conduct a background check

No removalist background check

You should know that any company must have licenses or legal papers relevant to the nature of their business. If the removalist doesn’t have the right papers it should be the end of the discussion. Whether you are moving to another city or just down the road, it is extremely essential that your hired mover is fully-licensed. There was a removalist fraud incident in Gympie where woman hired a supposed furniture removalist through an ad on a popular internet trading site and got scammed. For your own security, spend some time checking.

 5. You did not ask for recommendations from family and friends

You did not ask for recommendation

Despite how unnerving a sudden move can be, don’t panic by choosing the first removalist that comes your way. Check the track record of the removalists and see if they are really capable of handling last minute moves. You may check online reviews but nothing trumps recommendations from family and friends because you are certain that they are real people who hired real removalists. But if you don’t have anybody to ask recommendations from, visit reputable sites that review moving companies.

4. You fail to mention your heavy/large furniture

fail to mention your heavy furniture

Typically, we hire moving professionals to move and lift thing we can’t do ourselves, so one might assume that they can transport a pool table with no problems, right? Wrong! Large, heavy and irregularly shaped furniture should be clearly stated before the movers arrive.

Heavy item moves are usually billed on-top of the regular moving rate because moving services have to send highly trained and seasoned removalists for these moves. Some companies don’t even offer pool table moves or piano moves because they lack the equipment and training needed these heavy items. So have a straightforward conversation with your removalist before agreeing to any terms.

3. You don’t go through all the details

You don’t go through all the details

You may have gotten through the big ticket items in your home, but don’t forget the other details! Many of us love being surprised, but not in the form of hidden charges. Before signing a contract ask the mover for prices of their services- inclusive of insurance, transportation, packing, unloading etc. Ask them to come over to calculate the total cost of packing and moving all of your things in a tight deadline. Don’t surprise them with an additional baggage on the day of the move too!

2. You’re just TOO Cheap!

Take my money

There are last minute removalists who will offer you the world and so much more at a dirt-cheap rate. Resist the enticement! Low-priced services will often cost you more. You could get a cheap estimate but if they handle your items sloppily and refuse to repair/replace damaged goods then you’re definitely paying more than tag price. If you want peace of mind hire a mover that charges reasonably.


1. You have unrealistic expectations

unrealistic expectations

A professional last minute removalist will only agree to pack and move your things if they are certain that they can reach the deadline. No reputable company would put their reputation on the line by promising the impossible. Some moving companies do last minute moves for an extra fee so be prepared for this. But don’t reveal your budget; wait for them to give their estimation to avoid movers who tailor their rates just to get your business.


By calmly evaluating all of your options, you’ll be able to cover all the commonly overlooked moving details with your prospective removalists. A few hours spent on the phone and the internet will speed up your selection process as you get to compare moving company credentials – and it certainly takes less time than trying to juggle your legal paper work and a DIY move!

You can also make things easier by booking with a full-service removalist that offers pre-packing and unpacking services to help you get settled into your new home on the day of the move. Click here (http://www.minimovers.com.au/moving-hints/) to get more last-minute and short distance moving hints.