5 Top Tips For Finding A Rental Property

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So, you are looking for a place to rent. In today’s market this can be more difficult than ever. Read the MiniMovers tips to help make it all a bit easier…



1. Research, Research, Research!


We can’t stress enough the importance of research. Researching a few weeks in advance will give you a good idea of whether the rental budget you have will get you what you want. Check the area before you move into it; if you use it, look for public transport availability; look for the local shops in the area; look for proximity to schools in the area. These are all quick research tips that can save you in the long run. Sites like ninemsn’s Rate Your Place can help you gather information on your new suburb.



2. Know what you want


Take some time and look at what you want in a property. The idea is to create a short-list of properties for you to view, rather than looking at a large number of properties and wasting time looking at properties that are not suitable. & have whole areas dedicated to rentals.



3. Network


Call people you know, ask friends, post on facebook or


twitter. The best way to find out about places is by talking to people and you will be surprised how happy people are to help you out. Work of mouth is far stronger than advertising (it’s how we run our MiniMovers!).



4. Match your home to your furniture


Quite often if you are renting you will have your own furniture. Don’t forget to take this into account when moving. Many times, we have moved people into houses/units and the furniture doesn’t fit. On the inspection day, take a tape measure if you need to, don’t be afraid to measure and see if your furniture fits in. It also shows the agent that you are keen.



5. Be polite


If you have found the perfect property, for goodness sake, be polite to the Rental agent. Rental agents are very busy people and if you are just that little bit nicer, it will help you stay front of mind for them. If there is a property you are keen on, pick up an application form from the real estate’s office to fill out ahead of the inspection. Often, landlords will accept the first application if they can’t find fault with it. Also, make sure your references know they will be contacted by the real estate. Nothing looks worse than surprised referees!


Looking for a property to rent can be stressful and time consuming, however being organised, active and cheerful can make it all so much easier.


Good luck in the house hunting!


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Thanks to Andrew Harvey for this article.


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